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See ‘SNL’ Sketch Transform Jake From State Farm Ads Into Horror Film – Rolling Stone

“Saving more when you bundle home and auto” never sounded more terrifying than when delivered by host Michael B. Jordan

Saturday Night Live put a horror movie twist on one of TV’s most unavoidable spokesmen as host Michael B. Jordan played Jake From State Farm in a sketch where he takes his promise of 24/7 insurance coverage way too far.

The pre-recorded sketch starts innocuously enough with the daughter of parents Mikey Day and Heidi Gardner flushing her stuffed animals down the toilet. Luckily, Jake From State Farm happens to be on-scene to provide his home insurance coverage. 

However, Jake is still there at dinnertime… and the next morning. He’s bonding with Day’s children — including teaching the daughter a haunting rendition of the State Farm jingle — and growing even closer to Gardner. Soon, Day is sleeping on the couch while Jake takes his place in bed.


Day’s attempt to change coverage to Geico is thwarted by Jake, and a verbal confrontation between Day and Gardner comes to an end when Jake threatens the husband, “Saving more when you bundle home and auto.”

At wit’s end, a drunken Day walks along the railing of a bridge and considers jumping, only to be saved at the last moment by another incessant insurance spokes-duo, Liberty Mutual’s Doug and Emu.

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