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Should I Get A Safe For My College Dorm Room?

safe for my college dorm room

One of the most common questions we get about what to bring to college is whether you should get a safe for your dorm room. Or if you don’t have safe, how are you going to secure your valuables at school?

Honestly, we tend to see this question a lot from parents who might not have had a college experience themselves, or other families who might see a lot of stories in the mainstream media (which we all know, might not portray an accurate picture).

We’re not trying to hide the fact that dorm room burglaries do happen (about 6,800 per year, according to the data). Considering 2.4 million students live in on-campus housing nationwide, the odds are pretty good that your student will never experience a burglary. 

With that in mind, the answer to having a safe in your college dorm is: maybe, but probably not.

Why You Might Be Considering A Safe For College

First, you need to think about why you might be considering a safe for college anyway. You honestly shouldn’t be taking too many valuables with you. You’re going to be living in a small dorm room anyway, so there’s not a lot of room for extra stuff.

The most valuable items you might be bringing are also likely the same items you’re going to be using everyday – your laptop, cell phone, maybe a jewelry item you’re wearing. With that in mind, these are also the exact same items your roommate will also have.

You might have prescription medication you’d want to keep secured, but again, you’re using this everyday – so do you really want to lock it up? 

You might also be concerned about keeping your information safe (remember, your identity has already been stolen, but you need to be vigilant). You might have a passport or other document.

Some of these things might warrant having a small locking safe at college. But most students find this to be more of a hassle than it’s worth. 

It’s unlikely your roommate will steal from you. And if you follow basic safety precautions of locking your door and not even bringing valuables to begin with, there’s not much that needs to be locked up.

Cons Of Having A Safe For Your Dorm Room

The fact is, safes are heavy and bulky. Even small ones take up space in a room that already doesn’t have much space to spare.

Getting a safe is simply one more thing to take up space, and will you really use it? Or will it collect dust? What are you really locking up and why?

We’ve found that many students end up not using the safe because of the hassle for the items they thought they’d need to lock up anyway. And your roommate is honestly going to be your biggest ally – not adversary. They should be helping you keep your mutual room secure. Their stuff is just as at-risk as your stuff.

And in the rare cases of theft, you involve campus police. And ideally, everything in your dorm room, including medications, can be replaced.

How To Keep Your Items Secure At College

Amazon Basics Drawer Safe

None of this is to say that you shouldn’t focus on security at college. You do need to keep your items secure – it’s a best practice for both your dorm and your life.

First, most dorms rooms have one locking drawer per person. This locking drawer is a great place to put your passport and documents, maybe your jewelry for women, and anything else that’s valuable. But seriously – don’t bring the really valuable stuff. It’s not worth the risk.

Second, if you do want a safe, consider something very small like this drawer safe. It’s only going to fit documents, so plan accordingly.

Third, medication isn’t something you should lock up from a practical standpoint. If you worry about medication loss, it’s only going to happen with a roommate. And if it does, involve campus police immediately.

Finally, consider dorm room renters insurance. Renters insurance is actually “personal property insurance”, and it covers all your property – both in your dorm room and with you on campus. If your laptop gets stolen in the library, you’re covered. Check out our guide to dorm room renters insurance here.

People Also Ask

How Do I Keep My Computer Safe At College?

Keeping your computer safe at college is all about following general security best practices. Make sure you lock your dorm room door, keep your window closed when you’re not in your room, and never leave your computer unattended in the library or classroom.

How Do I Protect My Valuables In My Dorm Room? 

Don’t bring valuables to your dorm room. If you do have some smaller items of value, most dorm rooms have at least one locking drawer per student. You can place your valuables in that drawer. If you don’t have a locking drawer, you can consider getting a small drawer safe.

How Can I Secure My Prescription Medicine At College?

Most medication should not be locked up simply from an ease of use perspective. And in a dorm room, you’re not worried about small children or pets accessing your medication. However, you can use a locking drawer or small safe if you’re concerned about securing your medicine. 

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