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SIC alerts to dangers of car insurance scam

SHETLAND Islands Council is urging islanders to be on their guard after several people have reported receiving car insurance documents that carry their names but with different vehicle information.

According to the SIC, these car insurance scams tent to be for older vehicles (at least ten years old), have a mileage limit of no more than 1,000 miles in the year, and payments are requested in monthly instalments.

Trading Standards team leader David Marsh said: “The documents are from genuine insurance companies, but have been initiated by an unknown person.

“If you receive documentation like this, get in touch with the insurance company to tell them that you have not asked for this car insurance and that the car is unknown to you.

“They can then make sure that this has no adverse effect on your credit rating.”

People can report any scam by contacting Trading Standards on 01595 744887 or Police Scotland on 101.

Advice on scams, for consumers and businesses, is also available at www.shetland.gov.uk/tradingstandards, or by emailing trading.standards@shetland.gov.uk

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