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Splitsvilla’s Subuhi Joshi breaks down as she details ordeal with health insurance company; alerts fans

Actress Subuhi Joshi is known for her acting chops and comedy timing in the entertainment industry. The jovial actress recently went through a tough time when she was admitted to a hospital followed by ill-health. The actress shared her ugly experience with insurance companies and alerted fans through a LIVE session on Instagram. 

Subuhi Joshi gets emotional sharing her ordeal with an insurance company

The Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai actress Subuhi Joshi recently went LIVE to share her ordeal regarding an insurance company. The actress revealed being hospitalized as her health deteriorated while her insurance company refused to cover the hospital bills.

The actress shared that, like any other common man, she was told about the importance of having health insurance and thus she bought one and paid the premiums. She narrated an incident where she was admitted to the hospital but the insurance company refused to cover her bills.

Have a look at Subuhi Joshi’s Instagram LIVE

The actress mentioned that she suddenly felt sick, a few days back. She felt breathlessness and checked her heart rate which was above 160. She dragged herself out of the house and rang her neighbor’s doorbell. They got her admitted to a hospital as her heart rate was dangerously high. She was admitted to the ICU for a couple of days.

Through her cashless insurance card, she intended to clear the hospital dues, however, the insurance company rejected the form stating that Subuhi didn’t have an emergency case. Subuhi said, “The hospital sent the form again to the insurance company and told them that it certainly was an emergency as my heart rate was shooting. However, the insurance company denied their services.”

Subuhi felt ‘not home’ in Mumbai for the first time

Fighting back tears, Subuhi mentioned how the hospital staff were also rude as she requested them to remove the cannula as it was hurting her. However, the hospital staff told her that it would only be removed once she cleared the bill. 

She said that she was all alone while dealing with all this at a hospital and for the first time in 10 years, she felt Mumbai wasn’t her home. She said, “I wish I was in my hometown with my family.”

The actress asked the fans to tag the possible official personnel so that they could look into the matter and that innocent citizens would not be fooled by such insurance companies.

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