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State of Insurance: A Roundtable Discussion

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With the unique and uncharted scenarios that we faced over the last few years, business owners, C-suite professionals and investors have realized perhaps more than ever before – the importance of having the right insurance policies, and the right trusted advisors to help manage them, as they navigate the various forms of insurance they need. Be it healthcare coverage for employees, workers comp policies, or the various business insurance coverages, each business has different needs and they are not simple. In this special section, we turn to the expertise of some of the top business insurance thought leaders in the region to gain insight and perspective on the state of insurance today and what businesses need to know.

Here are a series of questions the Business Journal posed to these experts and the unique responses they provided – offering a glimpse into the state of insurance in 2023 – from the perspectives of those in the trenches of our region today.

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