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The Insurance Company Catalana Oxidant Is “de-Catalanized” And Becomes Simply Oxidant

companies that make traditional business western Catalan group (Seguros Catalana Occidente, plus Ultra Seguros, Seguros Bilbao and Norte Hispana Seguros) Will be integrated into a single entity, which will operate under the Oxidant brand, The merger is part of the corporate simplification process that the insurance group started with the integration of its operational and service platforms, and which later continued with the standardization of its products. The goal is to achieve a more agile organization that responds quickly and effectively to market demands while optimizing processes.,

amalgamation of companies This will be done in two phases: First, it is expected that at the end of 2023, the corporate merger will take effect De Seguros Catalana Oxidant, plus Ultra Seguros and Seguros Bilbao, which will now operate under the Oxidant brand. In a second phase, to be determined later, NorteHispana Seguros will also be integrated.

Once the merger process of the four companies is complete, Oxident to serve over 4.5 million policyholders through 15,000 intermediariesMore than 1,300 offices, and a network of approximately 2,700 professionals (specialists and repairmen, among others).

To inform policyholders and general public about the incident, This new brand will be introduced under a model of coexistence with the existing banners on websites, social networks, office signage and other materials., Policyholders of each company continue to maintain their existing contractual relationship with their intermediary, and will be duly informed of the same when the respective corporate amalgamation takes place, which will be done after obtaining the relevant administrative authorization.

In the words of Hugo Serra, CEO of Grupo Catalana Occidente, “Oxidant represents the essence of who we are: a company that understands and supports people and companies at all stages of their lives, committed to ensuring their peace of mind in the present and their confidence in the future. Keeps in place., It is our wish that Oxidant propagates the values ​​of trust, closeness and professionalism that we have brought so far to all our customers. Similarly, Serra has expressed that “joining under the umbrella of a new solid brand will allow us to compete more effectively.”

The process of creating the new brand, which included market research, was done in consultation with specialist branding agency Mucho. In the evolution of the logo, Oxidant is a shorter brand, with better legibility and ease of memorization. The unification of the brands under a single name culminates a process that began years earlier with the application of the same symbol., as well as its own typography in all companies; The symbol represents a crossroads, that of multiple entities, that have come together in one success story.

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