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Tips for filing home insurance claims | Business

In the last three weeks Western Pennsylvania has experienced two weather-related events that the insurance industry has described as “CAT” events. A catastrophic event is an event that happens every 20 or so years that results in a larger than usual number of claims. The two events we experienced were both wind-related.

Because of the large number of claims, there will be delays – delays in looking at the damage and delays in repairing the damage. Priority will be placed on properties that are not livable. Every insurance company wants you to take any reasonable step to protect your property. They will reimburse you for the cost of any temporary repairs even if you make them yourself. Do not make permanent repairs without the approval of your insurance company. They have the right to inspect your property and in many cases will find additional damages to which you are entitled reimbursement. They also do not want you to make any repairs that may endanger your well-being. Once your property is inspected the adjuster will create an estimate of repair cost.

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