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Top East Insurance Journal Fraud Stories of 2023

About 10% of property/casualty insurance losses can be traced to fraud, according to the industry’s Coalition Against Insurance Fraud. Insurance Journal publishes an average of 22 fraud stories a month. Insurance Journal reporting in 2023 showed that prosecutors in the East states managed to end the careers of quite a number of the criminals involved. They caught a New Jersey man who took advantage of New York’s no-fault auto insurance laws to orchestrate a giant fraud scheme. A surgeon and two lawyers were among those sentenced for their roles in a massive trip-and-fall fraud scheme. Law enforcement officials succeeded in their prosecution of an $18 million workers’ compensation fraud case.

Insurance fraud became part of the news of murder and politics. A boat insurance claim fraud investigation was an integral piece of the murder case against a Vermont man found dead in jail while awaiting trial on charges he murdered his mother. In politics, insurance fraud charges swirled around former President Donald Trump and around an associate of U.S. Senator Robert Menendez.

Here are the top 12 East insurance fraud stories of 2023.

  1. Man Pleads Guilty to One of New York’s Biggest No-Fault Insurance Frauds Ever
  2. Insurance Broker in Menendez Corruption Case Allegedly Got Senator’s Help With Fraud Case
  3. Vermont Man Accused of Murder, Inheritance and Insurance Schemes Dies in Jail
  4. New York No-Fault Fraudster Pleads Guilty, Agrees to Pay $40M in Restitution
  5. New York Lawyers, Doctor Sentenced in $31 Million Trip-and-Fall Insurance Fraud
  6. Pennsylvania Socialite, Convicted of Millions in Insurance Fraud, Dies at 71
  7. Defense Expert at New York Trump Trial Testifies He Sees No Evidence of Fraud
  8. Boston Employment Agency Owner Sentenced for Tax and Workers’ Compensation Fraud
  9. Trump Found Liable for Fraud in New York Attorney General’s Case
  10. Credit Union Worker Set Fire to Get Insurance to Replace Money She Stole
  11. Insurers Cheated Out of Millions in False Claims for Lost or Damaged Cell Phones
  12. New York Fund Receives $7.75 Million After Workers’ Compensation Fraud Prosecution

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