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Visit Ukraine – How much does a car insurance policy cost for 1 month and a year in 2024?

How much does a car insurance policy cost for 1 month and a year in 2024?

Motor third party liability insurance (MTPL) is a Ukrainian insurance policy that compensates victims of road accidents and is mandatory in the country. Learn more about current prices, terms and conditions and what determines the cost of the policy

Take out a car insurance policy at Visit Ukraine and get fuel as a gift

Take out a car insurance policy at Visit Ukraine and get fuel as a gift


CTPCI is a compulsory car insurance policy in Ukraine. It guarantees compensation for damages in the event of an accident, and therefore helps to avoid unforeseen and unpleasant expenses. How much does CTPCI cost in 2024 and what determines the price – read on in the article.

The price of motor third party liability insurance: what does it depend on?

The price of an insurance policy for each car may vary. This is influenced by the following factors:

● the type of vehicle. For example, the price of motorbike insurance will be lower than the price of a car policy;

● engine size. The larger the engine size, the more expensive the insurance is;

● place of registration of the vehicle. Different regions of Ukraine have different policy prices;

● benefits of the vehicle owner. For example, war veterans, disabled persons of group ll, liquidators of the Chernobyl accident of groups l and ll, as well as pensioners can take out MTPL insurance with a 50% discount;

● the amount of the deductible.

What is a deductible in insurance?

A deductible is a portion of the losses that you assume if an insured event occurs. Its amount is determined by you and the insurance company before signing the contract.

The higher the deductible, the cheaper your motor third party liability policy is. This is a great opportunity to save money if you are confident in your driving skills and are willing to take responsibility for minor damage.

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Car insurance for 1 month: price

It is allowed to take out a motor third party liability insurance policy in Ukraine for a period of less than one year only for vehicles: unregistered – for the period before their registration, temporarily registered – for the period before their permanent registration, registered in the territory of foreign countries – for the period of their stay in Ukraine.

Vehicles that do not meet these criteria are required to take out a one-year insurance policy.

The cost of the policy is for a car with an engine capacity of up to 1600 cm3 in Kyiv:

● Deductible: UAH 0.
Price per year: UAH 3,346.
Thus, the monthly cost of insurance will be UAH 278.83.

● Deductible: UAH 1,600.
Price per year: UAH 2,859.
Thus, the monthly cost of insurance will be UAH 238.25.

● Deductible: UAH 3,200.
Price per year: UAH 2,479.
Thus, the monthly cost of insurance will be UAH 206.58.

Please note! The cost of CTPCI may differ for different regions of Ukraine and different vehicles. You can calculate the current price for your car here.

On the Visit Ukraine portal, you can buy a motor third party liability insurance policy from a licensed insurer, which guarantees reliable protection in the event of an accident.

What are the advantages of buying a CTP insurance policy on Visit Ukraine?

● Fair market rates that guarantee payments.
● Unified pricing policy with service station partners, which guarantees the restoration of the victim’s car.
Possibility to conclude a contract with a deductible of UAH 0.00.
One of the best in Ukraine Contact Centre providing information support.
● One of the best settlements in Ukraine, which guarantees protection of the Insured’s/Insured’s budget.

In addition, all car owners who take out an MTPL policy on the Visit Ukraine portal will receive a certificate for free fuel as a gift

➤ When buying in the first 3 days of the promotion – 20 liters of fuel (for purchases from June 21 to June 23)

➤ In the next 7 days – 10 l (for purchases from June 24 to June 30)

➤ From 11 to 24 days – 5 l (for purchases from July 1 to July 14)

The promotional offer is valid from 05/21/2024 to 07/14/2024. 

Just a reminder. CTPCI is an insurance policy that covers losses in the event of a road traffic accident. Read here to find out who will receive compensation in the event of an accident. 

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