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Ways to save on car insurance

Paying car insurance based on miles driven versus setting a flat rate could save money.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Having car insurance is crucial for all drivers, but having it doesn’t mean paying for it has to break the bank 

With just about everything costing more these days, finding ways to spend less is paramount.

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Here are five ways to save money on car insurance, according to AARP:

Don’t renew the policy automatically

Yes, it’s more convenient, but shopping around for the best price can save money.

Switch it up

Consider paying for car insurance based on the miles driven versus setting a flat monthly rate.

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While driving a newer vehicle might seem like a great idea, an older model vehicle will almost always cost less to insure.

Go back to school

Older drivers can get discounted insurance just for taking authorized driving courses.

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Using the same provider for auto insurance and home insurance could save money every month.

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