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Woman Living Next to San Francisco Home That Exploded Speaks Out – NBC Bay Area

A San Francisco woman whose home was damaged by last week’s deadly house explosion and fire says her family is not only devastated, they’re now homeless.

When Nang Phoutthasone Phommavongsay rushed to her Sunset District neighborhood after hearing about Thursday’s explosion, she was shocked. Since then, she, her husband and their daughter have been staying with friends.

“I don’t know, I’m just so upset [by] what happened,” Phommavongsay said. “And my daughter can’t even, three nights in a row she keep asking, ‘Mommy, can we go back to our house?'”

Phommavongsay and her family live in one of the 22nd Avenue homes right next to the home that exploded. When the explosion happened, Phommavongsay was already at work and her daughter was at school. Her husband wasn’t working from home at the time.

The family has been living in their home on for nine years. The explosion and fire prevented them from saving anything. They do not have renters insurance, making the future that much more uncertain.

The question now is what happens next.

Phommavongsay said she has a mix of emotions about her neighbor, Darron Price, the man who was arrested and charged following the explosion.

“He liked to talk to my husband because my husband is British, he’s from London. And Darren, he from Australia,” Phommavongsay said.

After the fire was put out, San Francisco police were seen hauling large butane tanks out of the charred remains of Price’s residence.

Police believe he was manufacturing illicit drugs there but haven’t specified what kind.

Price is also expected to be charged with manslaughter after a woman’s remains were recovered at the site.

Phommavongsay said the woman was Price’s wife.

“Every time she has to go outside or do any stuff, I always seen she came in with Uber, never seen him take her out or come in with him,” Phommavongsay said.

NBC Bay Area on Monday counted more than a dozen homes that had broken glass, damaged doors or boarded-up windows.

Along with the broken windows on the street, residents are also concerned about structural damage to their homes.

Ricardo Molina with Mr. Roofing and Solar surveyed one home nearby with the homeowner to check for structural damage.

“He felt the shake, he felt the vibration,” Molina said. “He found a crack that may be or may not be related to the explosion, so the insurance agent will check it out.”

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