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La Pine house hit by 80-foot tree; owners recently lost insurance

An 80-foot tree crashed directly on top of a home while a La Pine family was asleep during last week’s high winds — a home they were preparing to put on the market.

“One o’clock Friday morning, it woke up to the whole house, shaking around the back,” homeowner Shaun Grab said. “Made sure my kids were OK, came back here and noticed both these trees had fallen on my house.”

The Grab family says it could’ve been worse.

“That main beam took most of the fall, which I believe saved us from having the tree fall completely through the house,” he said.

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Although it may look at a distance like two trees, Grab tells us it was one tree that split. Branches from the large tree now poke through multiple rooms of their house.

The timing is terrible. They were just getting ready to sell the house. Now that will have to wait — and the wait is expensive. The family says they recently lost their home insurance.

“We were kicked off insurance couple of months ago due to the fire hazards out here,” Grab said. “We’re just a little farther out from the fire stations than they would like us to be.”

Relatives started a GoFundMe for Shaun and his family to afford the repairs.


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