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Sherman family displaced after pipes burst in vacant apartment above them

SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) – The Tapia family has lived at the Easton Parc Apartments, in Sherman for three years, while raising two small children.

“and been great tenants and they’ve honestly been good management with the most part,” Tenant, Megan Tapia stated.

But now the place they call home, is in ruins.

A pipe burst and flooded their apartment, destroying the carpet, and most of the ceiling.

The family said, they did everything they were told to do to prepare for the freeze, turn the heat on and drip the faucets.

However, the complex didn’t drip the faucets in the vacant apartment above them.

“There was no one living there that could have had control over that. and, um, honestly, the property should have made sure that the faucets were dripping and that the heat was on to prevent a pipe bursting, but a pipe burst,” Tapia continued.

Megan Tapia said she hopes what happened can serve as a lesson for other property owners.

“I just hope that apartment complexes in general can learn to make sure you check your vacant apartments when they’re severe weather and, um, definitely to contact your tenants when, when a thing happens, because that is our belongings and our home and we weren’t told,” Tapia replied.

The property manager at The Easton Parc Apartments has reached out to the family to offer them concessions, including a new unit to move into.

The Tapia family tells News 12 they now are waiting for renters insurance representatives to help with the next steps.

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