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We live on a boat and it’s so much cheaper than a house – we only pay £4 for our gas bill & don’t have to pay for water

A COUPLE that live on a narrowboat in Cambridgeshire have shared their monthly living costs and how much they save by not living in a house.

Dot shared how much it costs to live on the boat, which is moored on a canal in Cambridgeshire, via a video posted to her TikTok channel, where she is known as @Tanglewoodandtwo.

The boat is moored in Cambridgeshire


The boat is moored in CambridgeshireCredit: TikTok / @tanglewoodandtwo
The boat is heated with a log burner


The boat is heated with a log burnerCredit: TikTok / @tanglewoodandtwo

In the video, she explained that to moor the 50ft narrowboat, it costs £380 a month.

In another video, she added that the mooring costs include many facilities, such as showers, bins a shop and a pub and mean that the boat is in a safe and secure spot as there are two gates to get into the marina and security cameras.

Dot explained that if you want to cut costs further, if your boat is always cruising then you don’t need to pay mooring fees.

She added that you also need a boat license, which costs £100 a month.

Boat insurance, WIFI and diesel each cost £20 a month and electricity is £10.

The couple only pay a miniscule £4 a month for gas and don’t pay anything at all for their water bill.

That brings the total monthly cost for the two of them to £554.

In another video, Dot explained that in the winter, she never gets cold as she heats the boat up with a log burner and a diesel heater which heats the radiators.

She added that she makes hot water bottles and a heated blanket to keep her warm when she works from home.

TikTok users rushed to the video’s comments section to share their thoughts on Dot’s living situation.

One user said: “Selling my flat. Going to live on a boat!”

Another user added: “Always wanted to live on a canal boat”.

A third user added: “What a life! Gorgeous”.

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